Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fin goes to work ...

I don't think Fin likes work!  But then I guess 10 weeks is a little bit soon to be sent out to earn a biscuit or two.
The studio is apparently a fascinating place,  as its great to wander round and pee on, but not a place to sit and behave when I am trying to work. 
I put a large cage out the back in the garden, but he yapped the whole time and scared the horses,  so I bought him in and then he scared the customers.  I am sure we will find a suitable compromise soon,  but he needs a bit of practice and I may need to supply ear plugs to all my visitors.  But he loved all the fuss he got from all the fellow crafters and I am sure they will all be helping with his upbringing very soon ( not sure they know that yet!)
Then Big brother Christopher came to visit and wear him out,  actually I am not really sure who wore who out but they both ended up flopped on the floor.

Dads are also fun to play with and when out in the garden Fin  is very bouncy.

He had a visit to the vets today,  for his second lot of jabs. I was working so Steve had to take him,  I don't think he minded though as all the nurses wanted to fuss him, Fin that is not Steve!!!!.

We had wondered if he had mites or fleas as he scratches a lot but he doesn't ( phew) but he has scurf and needs a good bath.  He also got chipped so if we take him to a supermarket he might beep going through the scanners,  but I don't think we will try that, just yet.

He seems to be settling well,  he his helping with gardening, picking up leaves and eating them and when dad puts weeds in the trug Fin takes them out again.  But he's not good at housework as the hoover is a very scary thing for a little dog.  But as its only his first week we will let him off.....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet Fin........

He came to us called FinTown but we decided to shorten it.  Fin is an Irish rescue dog,  he was the runt of a litter on a working farm and not wanted so we thought we would have him,  We had decided not to  get another dog but have missed having one after our lovely Wellydog died in October last year.
We hadn't also thought we would get a puppy,  but thats life for you,  no point in planning as we always end up going with the flow......

These are the pictures we got in advance and are what made us fall in love with him.

We heard about Fin through our very lovely friends Trevor and Michelle and they were getting one to.  So it was decided that I would pick up Fin from there house after the arrived in the country, so here is Fin and Ruby together at Trevor and Michelle's house  Fin has the collar on, Ruby is very similar but has the most amazing pointy up ears.

When Fin Finally got home he was exhausted and slept quite a it on his first day in Wellydog towers.

He also started to play with his new toys.

 He was very good on his first night he cried for just a few minute and then settled,  he was so quiet we sneaked down early in the morning just to check he was ok.

Lots more photos and updates soon x