Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet Fin........

He came to us called FinTown but we decided to shorten it.  Fin is an Irish rescue dog,  he was the runt of a litter on a working farm and not wanted so we thought we would have him,  We had decided not to  get another dog but have missed having one after our lovely Wellydog died in October last year.
We hadn't also thought we would get a puppy,  but thats life for you,  no point in planning as we always end up going with the flow......

These are the pictures we got in advance and are what made us fall in love with him.

We heard about Fin through our very lovely friends Trevor and Michelle and they were getting one to.  So it was decided that I would pick up Fin from there house after the arrived in the country, so here is Fin and Ruby together at Trevor and Michelle's house  Fin has the collar on, Ruby is very similar but has the most amazing pointy up ears.

When Fin Finally got home he was exhausted and slept quite a it on his first day in Wellydog towers.

He also started to play with his new toys.

 He was very good on his first night he cried for just a few minute and then settled,  he was so quiet we sneaked down early in the morning just to check he was ok.

Lots more photos and updates soon x


  1. Ohhhhhhh! How cute!!! I should post some pictures of our little dog - a 14 week old German Shepherd. We've only had her just under 2 weeks. Such cuteness! Enjoy!!

  2. He's sooooo cute! Thanks for the blog and the super cute pics, I'll be interested to follow how he settles in with you and look forward to more pics!

  3. He is gorgeous, best not let my daughter see this or she`ll start nattering for a dog(again!)

    Diane x