Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Excited and evil!

What an exciting few weeks.  Lexie out daughters 2 year old dog came to visit for the weekend.

Lexie was very patient as Fin wouldn't leave her alone, he constantly went for her throat,  but the end of the weekend Lexie did put him in his place but it took a while.
Fin even stole her new toy!

 Then the follow week Lexie came back ( for my surprise party) , she was a little bit less patient this time,  but was still incredibly good with such a persistent pup.

Fin has also been to socialising at the vets.  It didn't go that well as there was only one other puppy there ( not much of a socialising session!) Daisy a little Norfolk terrier, got completely bullied by our Fin,  we wanted to intervene but the veterinary nusrse said we had to keep out of it, and that her dog Bailey would sort them out,  but Bailey just wanted to beg for treats.  Poor daisy!

Fin is coming to work with me regularly now, he didn't like the cage, he does at home, but at work it seemed to be an issue,  so I bought a child play pen off ebay and he can now go in and out of the little garden at the back of my studio.  He likes lots of attention and loves when people come into the studio but unfortunately not all of them love him :-(

His toilet training is going very well and apart from a odd couple of times, when he has asked to go out but we haven't got there in time,  he is dry in the house.  He is generally very well behaved,  but of an evening he has a 'manic hour'. He just goes ballistic, and is almost uncontrollable, we call him evil Fin at those time!  We are trying to wear him out by walking him quite a lot,  but I am not sure if he is getting over tired or if he needs more? I am sure we will figure it out, well I hope we do.

He pulls a lot on the short lead but is brilliant on the long lead.  we are letting him off the lead a bit to but he wont go far away from us,  I am sure that will come when he is more confident.

He is getting very tall, and we are starting to think he is part Kangaroo!!!

More updates soon


  1. Hello. It is lovely seeing Fin grow up. We've always been told not to over-excercise puppies up to 18 months as their bones are still developing and soft and very prone to damage and distortion. It is hard, especially when you've got a boisterous one! Our vet suggested using a feed that was not so high in protein, then they would not have this need to feel like they had energy to burn off. I can't remember the brand - it's been many years since we had a puppy, althoguh we have been talking about it recently. Lots of love, Lara at HobbityDog x

  2. It's great reading your account of Fin, I'm getting a pup next year ( fancy a Dashchund ) and eager for any tips, specially house training ! Fin sounds a wonderful little character ,great fun.

  3. He is so gorgeous how can anybody not like him??? I had to change the food my lurcher ate as well for a lower protein one and it did help to take the hyper out of his boisterousness.

  4. Lovely to see more of Fin, my dog trainer is an expert in Border Collies she has 4 atm, also works them with sheep. Fin will need a lot of mental stimulation, if you can sort out some 'find' games for him.. teach him to use his nose. Also just short basic traning exercises will tire him... but I would like to just come and cuddle him please:)

  5. So utterly adorable! We have a little working cocker spaniel - I know exactly what you mean about the mental hour :D in the end we spoke to the breeder and they recommended a plainer diet (as HobbityDog says) and to start playing games when he got manic to get him using his brain and working on his concentration skills - we went for scent games and it really did work, after half an hour of teaching him to find objects on command he was pooped! We still do it now (he's a year old) and we notice the difference if he only has his walks but no work out for his mind in the day - it results in a doggy rampage!