Friday, May 4, 2012

Sooo exciting

Fin is settling in well, well what I really mean is he is getting us trained.  He likes being outside and he find everything sooooo exiting,  Birds especially pigeons are great to chase but I think his favourite thing in the whole world is leaves,  he loved them  picking them,  eating them and chasing them.  He can't understand why we wont allow him to bring them inside so tries to sneak them in when we are not looking.

 He helped Steve with the weeding and likes to stick his tongue down the gaps in the paving slabs to get them out along with bugs and soil  Yum yum.

He likes chewing everything and I mean everything, arm, legs, ears, hair,  fingers, sofas, carpet,  curtains, toes,  dressing gown cords,  belts,  flower,  bugs, worms, his lead, his collar,  his bed, his blanket, trees, grass, his own tail and soooo sooo many more things.

Toilet training is going well,  we had a complete day yesterday when he asked to go out every time and no accidents,  and we have only had one night with a mess to get up to in the whole time we have had him.  We weren't sure about cage training but I am pretty impressed,  our daughter lent us the cages they used for 2 year old Lexie and I have to say I am very very impressed.  He goes quiet happily into the cage at night or if we have to leave him,  I pop a blanket over the top and he is out like a light.  last night he even put himself to bed, as we were obviously staying up to late and he wanted to go to sleep!!
We have started some simple training and he is starting to sit to get a treat,  not everytime and I am not sure its sunk in yet but its a start.

He came to work with me one day this week and seemed to settle a bit better although I got no work done as I was watching him all the time.  My students want me to make sure he is there Wednesday for them to met,  I am not sure they will be that pleased when I do !!

He also had his first ball,  I am not sure it will last long as he has started to skin it already .....

He knows his name and he knows the word NO!! but he just looks at you then carry's on as before only having given you lovely puppy eyes first.

Bless him x


  1. Oh the puppy eyes do it every time dont they!

    Even at 4 years old my Archie gets away with murder :)

    Fin is gorgeous, love the puppy days.

    Ali x

  2. Awww, great update what a good puppy x